Aspirational/practice assessment.

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What is the Development Planning Tool?

The Development Planning Tool (DPT) is a web application (based on the Data Science Competency Framework) designed to help individuals who work in the Data Science industry to plan their careers against a common competency framework . At the end of the exercise, participants will be shown their results next to the accepted industry benchmark for their role and maturity level. When the results differ from the expected level, development options will be suggested.

What's involved?

  • Step 1

    Identify your APS level. This will be translated into the appropriate maturity level in the Data Science Competency Framework, ie Practitioner, Senior, Lead or Director.

  • Step 2

    Identify which job family is most aligned to your role - is your role more like a Data Scientist, Data Engineer or Data Analyst?

  • Step 3

    Self reflect on your abilities in typical Data Science competencies - what are your strengths? Where does your experience, skills and knowledge most stand out? What areas could you improve? For the sake of brevity, this sample will only test you on 4 of the 20 competencies.

  • Step 4

    View your personal report - the report will show how you assessed yourself for each competency against the expected level. Where there is opportunity for improvement, development options will be suggested.

Your Privacy

All the information collected by the Development Planning Tool sample is non-personal.